Adapt.  Compete.  Thrive.

In today’s economy, your organization must be able to turn on a dime.

Bayside’s dynamic, strategic workforce solutions deliver the flexibility you need to fuel profitable growth.  Whether you need 10 experts or 1,000, Bayside provides comprehensive Project Services for deploying engineering and construction professionals:

  • Run lean.  Supplement your core workforce with dynamic, highly qualified teams of engineering and construction experts – only when you need them.
  • Get our undivided attention.  Bayside builds a project team 100% dedicated to your organization’s needs.
  • Capture more business.  Confidently bid large jobs, knowing you can rapidly increase your workforce to meet the demand.

Bayside’s volume staff augmentation solutions help you adapt, compete and thrive in a rapidly changing industry.

We’re Bayside Solutions.  What can we do for you?
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Project Services Highlights:

Dedicated Project Manager

Handles all aspects of project coordination, from start to finish.

  • Bayside provides between 2 and 20 recruiters, based on your project’s size and schedule.
  • Dedicated team of recruiters focuses solely on meeting your project’s manpower needs and deadlines.

Better quality staff.

Our team develops a proactive recruiting plan to deploy the best resources available for your project:

  • Develop a manpower schedule and resource list.
  • Secure, schedule and administer all pre-employment screening requirements, including: skills verification and testing, drug and background testing, general site safety, certifications and project orientation / kick-off meetings, based on your project and site requirements.

Eliminate hiring costs.

As the hiring party, we assume the costs of advertising, interviewing, hiring, firing and payroll administration, as well as unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance.

Simplify management.

We organize and dispatch staff as needed, on your behalf.

Track spend requirements

By locations and job number.

Streamline timekeeping and onboarding.

EasyEmploy’s fully automated, web-based solution makes it simpler to manage and track timekeeping and onboarding for your large workforce.