6 Signs Your Tech Project Isn’t Successful


While many managers understand what can cause a tech project to fail, not all know how to spot a failing project in progress. As a result, they don’t’ take action at the right time, causing them to dedicate time, energy, and funds to a project that isn’t going to succeed.  

By learning the red flags of a project in decline, managers can intervene. With that in mind, here are six signs that your tech project isn’t likely to succeed.  

1. Missed Milestones 

Not hitting a deadline is always a red flag. It could indicate that the original schedule was unrealistic or that something is going awry. If the core issue isn’t identified, failure may be imminent.  

2. Falling Engagement 

If your tech team is losing interest in the project, that could signal that your project won’t succeed. Failing engagement can be a symptom of a range of issues, such as unrealistic expectations, a lack of appreciation, being overworked, and more. However, it nearly always results in declining output quality, which could spell doom for your project.  

3. Poor Communication 

For a project to move forward seamlessly, everyone needs to collaborate effectively. If communication is poor, some project members may not be aware of critical changes or could be missing input from a key stakeholder.  

4. Growing Issues List 

While every project will have some unexpected challenges to handle, if the issues list never shrinks and, instead, keeps growing, that’s a red flag. It could be that the project’s foundation is flawed or that the goal you’re trying to achieve isn’t realistic.  

5. No Metrics 

Every project needs KPIs associated with it to measure progress effectively. If no one has identified any trackable metrics, you have no way of determining whether the project is on course or failing. As a result, it may get away from you.  

6. Management-Level Disagreements 

If your tech project taps on several departments or business areas, everyone needs to be on the same page for the project to succeed. Failure is significantly more likely if management disagrees about the project direction, priorities, features, or any other key facet.  

How to Get Your Tech Project Back on Track  

The key to ensuring your tech projects success is vigilance. If you notice any of the red flags above, quick action is necessary if you want to remain on target.  

If you don’t know where to begin, start by identifying relevant KPIs. That will give you core metrics to follow, ensuring you can monitor overall progress and work quality.  

Additionally, focus on communication. Speak with the project team regularly and make sure all critical information is distributed quickly and through widely used channels. Gauge their mindset and listen to your team’s concerns. Learn about obstacles and issues.  

By being vigilant, you empower yourself to intervene should the need arise. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to micromanage. Instead, it’s about staying in the know, ensuring you can spot a warning sign at the earliest possible moment.  

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