Here’s How Fine-Tuning Your Job Search Can Lead to Better Interviews


A job search can be a long and difficult journey. If you keep ending up with some not-so-great matches, the whole process can quickly become disheartening. After interviewing for a position that isn’t a great fit, you may wonder whether you’ll ever land a job that’s actually right for you, leaving you discouraged and frustrated. 

Luckily, there are things you can do to secure better interviews. By fine-tuning your approach, you can increase the quality of the match, making it easier to find an opportunity that is right for you. If you want to know what you can do, and why each of these changes helps, here’s what you need to know. 

Reexamine Your Resume 

In many ways, a resume is a marketing document. You’re trying to “sell” yourself as the ideal candidate for a position, highlighting what you bring to the table. 

While it may seem like showcasing every accomplishment you’ve ever had is a smart move, it usually isn’t. Your resume shouldn’t tell your entire (professional) life story. Instead, it should focus on what sets you apart, as well as achievements that genuinely align with your ideal role. 

Resist the urge to discuss every skill and experience. With that approach, you cast a broad net, which may land you more interviews. However, that doesn’t mean you’re ending up with the strongest matches. 

As you create your resume, spend more time highlighting relevant accomplishments that are unique to your background, and genuinely line up with your preferred position. Not only will this make you a stronger candidate for right-fit roles, but it may also help you figure out how to target your search. 

You can use those achievements as an internal guide, letting you know what you should be seeking out. That may make your search results more relevant, increasing the odds that youre sending resumes to the right places. 

Make the Most of Your Cover Letter 

When you do find a right-fit opportunity, you need to make the most of your cover letter. Even if the accomplishments you discuss on your resume align with the target role, they can still seem a bit ambiguous to some hiring managers. After all, they don’t know the full context of those experiences, so the connection may be clearer to you than it is to them. 

In your cover letter, you can create that critical context. You can discuss how your skills and experiences address the must-haves listed in the job ad. You can outline an outstanding value proposition, showing how what you bring to the table will help the company soar. That approach lets the hiring manager know what you intend to deliver if hired, and it can significantly increase your odds of getting an interview. 

Be Yourself 

When most professionals create their resume and cover letter, they err on the side of formal. While coming across as professional is essential, having an application that is devoid of personality might not be the best approach. 

Not only is an overly formal approach unmemorable, but it also makes it harder to determine if your personality will mesh with the company. Considering the importance of culture-fit, this can mean landing interviews at businesses that aren’t actually ideal for who you are while at work. 

While you want to be strategic, don’t be afraid to let your personality come through a bit. That way, you not only increase your odds of standing out, but also of finding an employer where you’ll feel like you can be yourself. 

We Can Help You With Your Job Search

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