Ready to Advance Your Career? Here’s How to Get Started 


After you’ve been in a position a while, it’s normal to start thinking about your next step forward. After all, stagnation can be incredibly harmful to your career, making a passive approach to professional advancement ill-advised. 

However, just because you’re ready to advance your career, that doesn’t mean it will happen automatically. You need to be proactive and engaged early – as well as continuously – if you want to keep moving up. Luckily, that isn’t as hard as it may sound. If you’d like to maintain your career momentum and stay headed in the right direction, here are steps you can take to get started on that road. 

Keep Your Network Primed 

Your professional network is an asset, but only if you keep it properly maintained. You can’t neglect your connections for a year or more and then expect them to be there for you now that you want to move up professionally. Generally, people aren’t inclined to do big favors for people they don’t have a strong relationship with, so they may not be willing to help if you’ve ignored them since you landed your current role. 

Ideally, you want to keep your network primed at all times. Touch base regularly and see how they are doing. Offer your assistance when it’s requested, and don’t overlook the power of simply being sociable. 

When you’re in contact often, members of your network may be more inclined to help when you decide you’re ready to advance your career. In fact, they may tell you about opportunities even if you haven’t specifically asked, which could make moving forward faster an option. 

Cultivate Your Reputation 

If you want to move up in your current company, you need to cultivate a positive reputation. Along with having an exceptional work ethic, always strive to exceed expectations. When the opportunity arises, volunteer for challenging projects. Additionally, when those around you could use some assistance, offer a helping hand if you’re able. 

The idea is to position yourself as a skilled, capable, compassionate professional who does what it takes for the company to excel. By consistently reinforcing that image through your actions, your reputation strengthens, making it more likely that you’ll be considered for opportunities when they become available. 

Respond to Feedback Properly 

Criticism can be hard to hear, even when it’s constructive. This is especially true if you don’t entirely agree with what’s being shared, which may happen at least on occasion during your career. 

However, it’s important to always approach feedback with the right mindset. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow, to find paths that allow you to be better than you are today. Every instance has a teachable moment within it. Plus, by being respectful and receptive, and then taking action, you are further cementing your reputation, and that’s always beneficial. 

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