Work Smarter: 4 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Employee Productivity


Cultivating a productive and effective team can be challenging. Ensuring that team performance meets or exceeds expectations is a core part of being a manager, but it is often easier said than done. 

Luckily, by embracing the right technologies, you can bolster your team’s performance. Along with faster turnaround, you can enhance the quality of their outputs. Plus, in many cases, providing cutting-edge tools boosts morale, leading to a happier and more efficient workforce. 

If you want to know which technologies can help you increase employee productivity, here are four worth checking out. 

1. Collaboration Software

Whether you manage a completely remote team, have team members that work from home occasionally, or require everyone to come into the office, collaboration software is a wise addition. Effective communication and information sharing are critical to success. By making collaboration software available, you can break down communication barriers and provide your team with a range of helpful tools. 

Often, leading solutions support text-based chat, file-sharing, video conferencing, and more. This allows you to centralize all communications in one platform, simplifying collaboration for your entire team. 

2. Task Management Software

Many professionals struggle to stay organized. With task management software, everyone can stay on top of their tasks. It gives every team member a place to coordinate their to-do lists and mark when a responsibility has been handled. 

Plus, you can easily assign activities to team members and remain fully apprised of their progress. When it comes to transparency and oversight, task management software is hard to beat. 

3. Time Tracking Tools

Being able to see how much time tasks take can be incredibly beneficial. Plus, many leading time tracking tools go the extra mile, allowing employees to monitor when they are most productive or see how much time they are unknowingly wasting. 

In some cases, time tracking tools naturally discourage procrastination. When workers know the clock is watching, that becomes a powerful motivator. 

4. DeclutteringSolutions 

Digital clutter can be serious timewasters. For example, if an employee struggles to find the digital resources they need, it takes them longer to accomplish a task. 

If you want to promote greater organization, decluttering solutions can be the key. Some systems focus on managing and sharing browser tabs. Others align several windows, reducing the need for app switching, and supporting improved multi-tasking. You can even find a few that automatically stop distracting notifications when they are active, making it easier for your team to remain focused when attention-to-detail is critical. 

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