Best Practices to Recruit Top Talent During a Time of Low Unemployment


The unemployment rate in the United States has been low for some time. Most top performers are currently working, and companies are forced to compete fiercely to both attract and retain talent.

Figuring out how to stand out when unemployment is low isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are things organizations can do to achieve their recruitment goals. If you want to make sure your company stays ahead of the competition, here are some best practices that can help you recruit top talent when unemployment is low.

Build a Winning Employer Brand

Most professionals monitor open jobs. Additionally, many are willing to make a switch if an opportunity at an employer of choice comes along.

If you want to establish your company as an employer of choice, you need to make sure your employer brand is strong. Showcasing what you have to offer candidates instead of focusing on what they can do for you is a critical component. It allows you to build a winning value proposition, ensuring top talent understands precisely what you have to offer your employees.

Additionally, highlighting your company’s culture, mission, and values is also essential. It gives candidates indications about your priorities and environment, making it easier for job seekers to determine if they would fit in.

Focus on the Candidate Experience

If you aren’t actively demonstrating that you appreciate every job seeker that applies, your company is going to have trouble reaching its hiring goals. The candidate experience is becoming increasingly important, serving as a way to differentiate yourself from the competition and ensure that top talent understands that they are valued right from the beginning.

Improving the candidate experience doesn’t have to be a challenge. Treat job seekers just as you would a valued customer. Find ways to simplify or streamline your hiring process. Make communication a priority. Focus on engagement and personalize the experience.

By elevating the candidate experience, you are making a positive impression. As a result, you’ll have an easier time securing top talent.

Branch Out with Your Recruitment Methods

Today, you can’t rely on listings on major job boards alone. Instead, you need to branch out if you want to increase your talent pool and find skilled professionals.

You can begin by getting more involved on social media. Not only can this help you reach more candidates, but it can also enhance engagement. Focus on LinkedIn and Facebook first. After that, you can add other platforms – like YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram – if they make sense for your brand.

Finding opportunities to tap new networks is also wise. For example, you can connect with your employees’ networks by creating a referral program. That way, your workforce knows what you’re looking for and where to submit referrals.

Finally, partnering with a recruitment agency can be a wise move. You’ll gain access to a skilled talent pool quickly as well as recruiters who can help you identify the right candidate for the role.

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