5 Tips to Performing an Out-of-State Job Search


Finding a job in a new city before you relocate can be a challenge. You’ll encounter hurdles that many locals don’t face, so you need to use an approach that aligns with your situation. If you want to perform an out-of-state job search, here are five tips that can help you achieve success.

    1. Know When You’re Relocating

Do you know exactly when you are relocating, or is the timing more ambiguous? For example, do you have to sell your house before you can go, and you can’t be certain when that’ll happen? Or do you have a move date all set and know precisely when you’re arriving?

During an out-of-state job search, you need to know when you can actually move. If you don’t, employers aren’t going to be keen to give you an offer as they won’t know when you’ll be able to arrive.

    1. Research Relevant Employers

If you aren’t overly familiar with what will become your new city, do some research now. Look for information about the top employers in that area for your field. Find out about their current openings, recent accomplishments, or challenges they may be facing.

Additionally, read employee reviews to find out about what it’s like to work there. That way, you can get clues about the company’s culture in advance.

    1. Tap Your Network

If you have a connection that already lives and works in your destination city, they can be an asset. First, an employer might be more willing to take a risk on an out-of-state candidate if they are directly referred by an existing employee. Second, your network might know about unadvertised openings, details about company cultures, and other helpful tidbits that can assist you during your search.

    1. Be Straightforward in Your Cover Letter

Make sure you are clear in your cover letter about your intention to relocate. If you know when you are moving, include details about exactly when you’ll be living in your new city. If you don’t, you can say that you are in the process of relocating, as that may give you some wiggle room.

If appropriate, you can include details about why you are moving. However, that isn’t necessarily a requirement.

    1. Prepare for Interview Challenges

Unless your new city is incredibly close to where you live now, you might have some hurdles to contend with when it comes time to interview for a role. Some employers might prefer to meet in-person. But, when that happens, there’s no guarantee that they’ll help pay for your travel. Others may have short timeframes for interviews and, unless you can arrive within a day or two, might not move forward with you.

However, other employers may be more open. If you’re contacted, find out if they would be willing to use alternative approaches. For example, they may consider conducting a phone or video conference interview instead since you aren’t in the area.

Find Your Next Job with Bayside Staffing!

All of the tips above can help you during your out-of-state job search. If you’d like to learn more or would like to work with a skilled recruiter in your destination city, the team at Bayside Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your career goals with a member of our staff today and see how our services can job search expertise can benefit you.