What to Ask HR Before Accepting a Job Offer


Today, it’s a job-seekers market. Skilled professionals have choices when it comes to accepting a new job. They aren’t stuck with the first role that comes around. Instead, they are in a position to ask questions before they say “yes.”

If you are offered a job, it’s wise to reach out to HR and find out a few additional details. Here are some areas you need to ask about before you take the position.

Benefits Package

The benefits you would receive are a critical part of your total compensation package. If you haven’t been given information about the healthcare plan, prescription coverage, dental insurance, vision benefits, retirement options, and similar details, you need to ask for it. That way, you can review the package, determines its value to you, and make sure that there isn’t something missing that you need.

You can also go a step further and find out if there are any perks. HR can tell you if telecommuting, flexible schedules, or similar options are available.

Salary and Bonuses

If you haven’t negotiated the salary, consider asking HR if it’s negotiable. Usually, if it is set in stone, they will tell you that is the case. If it isn’t, they may open the door to negotiation, but only because you were forward enough to ask.

However, if you’ve already been through a salary negotiation with the hiring manager, don’t double up by asking HR. The hiring manager may interpret that as you trying to go above their head after they thought the conversation was handled, and that could cause them to rescind the offer.

Additionally, consider asking HR about incentive compensation, such as performance bonuses. If they are available, find out what it takes to be eligible. That way, you’ll understand more about your earnings potential.

Paid Leave

Before you take a job, you need to understand how much paid leave you’ll have access to and what kinds are available. Additionally, it’s wise to find out about any restrictions regarding its use. For example, do you have to use a minimum number of hours per request? How much notice is required? Are there blackout dates? Does unused leave rollover? All of those paid leave questions are important, and HR will typically have the answers you need.

Education and Training

Many companies have education and training programs. In some cases, employers provide tuition reimbursement or student loan assistance. In others, they give the employees access to training mechanisms that can help them acquire new skills and advance.

However, there are businesses that don’t offer much in this arena. By asking HR before you take the job, you can make sure you are comfortable with what is (or isn’t) offered before you take the position.

A Written Job Offer

When you have a written job offer that outlines everything, the chance that the company will honor the arrangement increase dramatically. By getting everything on paper, the agreement becomes binding. Before you take a job, ask HR for a written offer that outlines everything that was discussed. If they say no, that’s a serious red flag.

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Ultimately, it’s wise to discuss everything above with HR before you accept a job offer. If you’d like to learn more, the staff at Bayside Solutions can help. Contact us with your questions today.