4 Things Managers Need to Know About the Millennial Workforce


Millennials are the largest segment in the workforce. The oldest Millennials are now 39 years old while the youngest is turning 24 in 2020, putting them all firmly in working age. Many of them have enough experience to be established in the management ranks, as well.

However, even with such a substantial presence, many company leaders struggle to manage Millennials. The generation marked a significant shift in expectations, and they have priorities that differ from the generations before them. In order to successfully manage a Millennial workforce, the right approach is necessary. Otherwise, companies will struggle to keep their Gen-Y top performers.

If you want to make sure that you are embracing the right strategies, here’s what you need to know about managing Millennials.

  1. Teamwork Needs to be Engrained in Your Culture

Most Millennials were raised in a period where teamwork was emphasized. They were taught that working together is necessary and frequently took part in group exercises or assignments that cemented that concept.

If you want your Millennial workforce to thrive, structuring your team in a way that makes teamwork a fundamental aspect of the workplace is a must. That way, they can collaborate and support each other effectively, leading to better outcomes and a positive environment.

  1. They Are a Digital Generation

While older Millennials remember when advances like the internet became mainstream, the majority can’t recall a time when technology wasn’t a strong presence in their lives. Gen-Y was the first generation to not just accept tech but fully embrace it. As a result, many are incredibly savvy and understand what technology brings to the table.

As a result, they favor employers who aren’t afraid to bring new technology into the workplace. Companies that lag behind seem out of touch to most Millennials, so missing this mark can harm your recruitment and retention efforts.

  1. Flexibility is Essential in the Eyes of Millennials

Millennials were a driving force behind the gig economy. The ability to work when they want, how they want was very appealing, causing many to flock to flexible arrangements.

If you want to attract and retain Millennial talent, you need mechanisms that create a degree of flexibility. This can involve flexible or alternative schedules, telecommuting options, or similar arrangements. With those options, you may find it easier to establish your company as an employer of choice for Millennials.

  1. Diversity is a Priority

Millennials value diversity and inclusion, so they seek out employers with the same mindset. Not only should your workforce be diverse, but your leadership team, as well. Additionally, ensuring that your culture is welcoming to all is critical. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to keep your Millennial employees on-staff.

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