5 Ways to Attract Top IT Talent to Your Business


Many companies still use traditional resources to find candidates for their vacant positions. While employment opportunity pages on the company website and posts on major job boards can be part of an effective strategy, you also need to look beyond those options if you want to find a robust talent pool. Not all job seekers turn to the same job-hunting tools. If you don’t branch out, you aren’t reaching as many potential candidates.

By using other techniques, you can connect with a wider array of job seekers. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are five ways to attract top IT talent to your business.

    1. Encourage Employee Referrals

One of your best resources for candidates is your existing staff. Employees understand what it takes to excel in the role and have a personal experience with your culture. This can make them particularly adept at identifying members of their network who have the potential to shine.

Create a formal employee referral program to start. Additionally, consider other approaches, like providing team members with recruitment-oriented business cards that they can share with their contacts.

    1. Provide Referral Incentives

While some employees will make referrals without getting anything additional in return, others won’t. When you offer referral incentives, you are motivating those who need to experience a benefit in exchange for their effort. Whether you use cash bonuses, additional time off, or another reward for successful referrals, the results usually justify the expense. It creates a win-win, causing participation in your referral program to rise and allowing you to access more talent.

    1. Tap into Ideal Candidate Communities

Networking events can be a great way to find top talent. However, you need to focus on gatherings that will attract your ideal job seeker.

Look for events in your community that your perfect candidate would be likely to attend. This can include conferences, lectures, meetups, or any other option.

    1. Host an Open House

Giving job seekers a chance to explore your company can increase your talent pool. By sending out open house invitations to professionals with potential, you’ll have the opportunity to meet enthusiastic job seekers in person.

Plus, the less-formal nature of the interactions can put professionals at ease, increasing the likelihood that you’ll have meaningful conversations and get to know their true personalities. There’s less pressure at an open house than exists during an interview, so those who participate are more likely to be at their best.

    1. Use Social Media Searches

Being proactive can make a significant amount of difference when you need to find top talent. Instead of publishing vacancy announcements and hoping job seekers will come to you, flip the script. Use sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to find potential candidate, instead. Perform searches to locate individuals and groups that align with your needs. Then, if you find a match, reach out directly.

Attract Better Talent with Bayside Solutions!

Ultimately, all of the tips above can help you attract top IT talent. If you’d like to boost your candidate search even more, the staff at Bayside Solutions can help. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment specialists today and see how our talent acquisition expertise can benefit you.