How to Effectively Lead Your Employees


Leadership doesn’t come naturally to most managers. Usually, they hone their skills over time, learning from their mistakes and from the examples other members of the leadership team set. Many of the most successful leaders also work diligently to learn about techniques that can help ensure their team thrives, integrating information gathered from a range of sources to increase their odds of success. 

If you want to effectively lead your employees, then you need to take the proper steps. Here are some tips that can help you on your journey to becoming a strong leader. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

As a manager, it may be tempting to try to handle all of the critical tasks on your own. After all, it allows you to maintain oversight and complete control over the activity. 

However, failing to delegate comes with drawbacks. Not only are you potentially overworking yourself, but you are also eliminating opportunities for your team to step up and excel. 

By delegating, you are actually empowering your employees. Plus, you are showing that you trust in their capabilities, which can work wonders for morale and productivity. If you have a task that plays to a worker’s strengths or presents them with a reasonable challenge that can help them grow, hand it over. Just make sure that the employee knows you are available if they have questions along the way. 

Provide Feedback Organically

Formal performance reviews are normally the go-to approach for feedback. Regretfully, this isn’t always ideal, mainly because these conversations only happen once or twice a year, well after an issue arose or an achievement was made. 

Instead of using the delayed approach, try to make feedback a regular part of the everyday dialog. If an employee performs well, express your appreciation for their efforts. If you notice a problem (particularly in the early stages), schedule a quick meeting and address it. 

By providing feedback organically, you can reinforce good behaviors with greater ease and nip potential issues in the bud before they become hard to conquer. Plus, it can help you build a rapport with your team and give your employees, especially Millennial and Gen Z professionals, the feedback they need to excel. 

Be a Good Example

If you expect your team to live up to a standard that you won’t maintain yourself, you are going to struggle as a leader. Employees take their cues regarding what is and isn’t acceptable from those around them, particularly their managers. 

Make sure you are a beacon of integrity and accountability. Make sure that you are honest with your team and admit whenever you make a mistake. Commit yourself to fairness and work to be an active listener. Be vigilant about your own behavior and strive to be the model for how you want your employees to act on the job. 

Over time, your team will learn from your example, creating a harmonious environment where everyone understands expectations and has a strong role model to follow. 

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