Fastest Growing Engineering Positions


Becoming an engineer means you can be on your way to a rewarding and lucrative career. Certain engineering specialties are experiencing rapid growth, and the number of opportunities available may even exceed the size of the qualified workforce. 

By focusing on one of those niches, you can land higher salaries and potentially progress more quickly. Here is a look at the fastest growing engineering positions in the US today. 

Civil Engineer

The fastest-growing specialty in this category is civil engineering. These professionals perform critical tasks in both the public and private sector, including handling construction projects or maintenance or core infrastructure, such as roads, dams, bridges, and more. The average annual salary comes in just shy of $94,000, and those with substantial experience can earn more than $142,000, making it a lucrative option. 

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers focus much of their career on mechanical devices, designing, building, testing, and maintaining them. This subfield is also experiencing quick growth, and comes with an average salary of about $93,000, though the top 10 percent can earn in excess of $136,000. 

Environmental Engineer

Demand for environmental engineers has been rising over recent years. Often, these professionals focus on solving problems involving the environment, combining engineering skills with other knowledge areas, like biology, ecology, and chemistry. Many environmental engineers work for government agencies, though private sector positions are available as well. The average annual salary comes in near $93,000, though the top 10 percent can get above the $137,000 mark. 

Biomedical Engineer

While this field is relatively small, biomedical engineering is experiencing substantial growth. This hybrid specialty combines engineering principles with medical and biological sciences, working to develop devices, equipment, and technical systems in the healthcare industry. On average, biomedical engineers earn over $95,000 annually. Those in the top 10 percent can get above $144,000 a year. 

Petroleum Engineer

While the recent push for clean energy has shifted demand in this specialty, petroleum engineering is still experiencing significant growth. These professionals work to find ways to extract oil and natural gas from the ground, at time reworking older wells to make them more productive. Petroleum engineers earn incredibly high salaries. On average, they earn over $156,000 annually, and the top 10 percent can make more than $191,000 a year. 

Computer Hardware Engineer

In today’s digital age, nearly all tech positions have some potential. Computer hardware engineers work to apply engineering principles to issues related to computers, such as component and system development. The average computer hardware engineer earns close to $118,000 a year. Those in the top 10 percent can make more than $172,000 annually. 

All of the engineering positions above are experiencing growth, making them great options for a strong career. If you’d like to learn more about the available opportunities, the team at Bayside Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled recruiters today and see how our engineering career planning expertise can benefit you.