How to Tackle an Overwhelming Project


As an engineering manager, you will likely be given a monumental task during the course of your employment. And, in some cases, it may even feel as though that is happening every day. Facing a project that looks like it will a significant investment of time and energy can quickly become overwhelming, even if you have a strong team around you. So, determining the best way to tackle the project may feel just out of reach.

However, there are approaches that can be extremely effective, and it doesn’t necessarily involve having everyone take on more overtime. In fact, the solution to your stress may be closer than you think; it could be the team next door.

Look for “Outside” Help

When working on an overwhelming project, our first stop is our current team members. We understand what they are capable of and feel secure in relying on them. However, don’t limit your search for assistance to just members of your team. Instead, consider if there are other teams within your organization who may be able to assist.

Often, multiple departments have needs for similar information. That means the data you need to complete your project may have already been gathered by someone else in the company. If so, you can save yourself a significant amount of time and energy by reaching out to other groups who have done some of the legwork for you.

Alternatively, your team might not be the only one working on a project that requires certain information. When that occurs, creating an alliance between teams means you have more resources available to gather the data. In the end, everyone gets what they need, and the burden is often easier to shoulder.

Establish and Maintain Connections

The reason many managers aren’t aware of how their needs crossover is a simple lack of regular communication, at least, when it comes to work issues. Many people default to talk about work only to members of their team, and they rarely gain insight about what other groups are doing. By keeping communication open, it is easier to establish connections between multiple groups within an organization.

Once connections are made, make sure to put effort into maintaining them. Be a participant in some higher level cross-departmental meetings, even if it is predominately as an observer. That way, as different groups discuss their projects and goals, you can identify how your teams can work together for mutual benefit when priorities coincide.

Now, this doesn’t mean you are counting on others to do your work for you. Instead, it serves as a way to join two related tasks based on mutual need. If you both need the same data in a spreadsheet, why should that spreadsheet be created twice? Instead, pledge some of your resources while they pledge some of theirs. Have everyone work together to compile the information you both need, and then share the results. The process just allows overlapping objective to be met efficiently, and can save a lot of hassle for everyone involved.

Bring on Temporary Help

Sometimes, even with the assistance of other departments, the easiest way to alleviate some of the burdens of an overwhelming project is to bring on some extra help. If the goal is to get data into a spreadsheet, and multiple departments need the data, consider splitting the costs of bringing in a temporary worker who can get the job done quickly without having to interrupt your other priorities.

Again, this is a scenario where everyone wins, making it a great solution for those times when an extra set of hands really is the solution.

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