How Happy Employees Benefit Business


Employee engagement is increasingly becoming a core feature of a smart HR strategy. Companies that invest the time, money, and resources to keep employees engaged and content, reap benefits that are impossible to get elsewhere, and sidestep the kinds of problems that frequently derail strategic initiatives. If you are considering instituting an employee engagement program but are unsure exactly how it will impact your business, read on to learn about the distinct advantages.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Engaged employees are invested in the mission of the company and ultimately get more satisfaction from the work they do. This has far-ranging benefits that include better morale, lower turnover, and greater employee loyalty. For obvious reasons, satisfied employees are a greater asset to the companies they work for.

Improve Productivity

Engaged employees have been empirically shown to miss work less often, and to get more done when they are in the office. Since they feel like partners in the mission of the company they are willing to go the extra mile and put in the extra effort it takes to complete a higher volume of quality work. This positive and proactive approach almost always produces better results than other types of productivity improvement initiatives.

Recruit Better Employees

Engaged employees are eager to talk about the companies they work for. Over time, a positive reputation develops around that employer, and top talent is eager to work for a company that places so much value on its workforce. Even if you cannot offer the highest rates of pay or access to the most prestigious projects, you might still be able to attract the best and brightest if you prioritize engagement.

Encourage Innovation

Engaged employees are more productive and more committed to their employers. This creates the perfect climate for innovation. A workforce that is excited to see the company succeed and eager to have their contributions recognized will naturally strive to find faster, stronger, and better ways to do things. Innovation is notoriously hard to promote, but employee engagement has a direct influence.

Raise Profitability

Engaged employees directly contribute to the bottom line. Just consider the four benefits we’ve discussed above. When taken together, those benefits help you to attract new clients/customers and sell more products/services. Make employee engagement a part of your HR strategy and track the way it elevates your profits over the long term.

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