How to Feel in Control of the Hiring Process


How successful have your recent recruiting efforts been, and be honest? Have you been able to find and connect with the talent that you require? When you discover that elusive top professional, have you been able to attract them, or have they gone to work for your competition? Do you feel like you’re doing everything you can to recruit successfully but still not seeing the results you want?

A pathology of many recruiting processes, even successful ones, is a lack of engagement by one or more parties in the process. Some of the people involved are highly motivated, but others less so, and this leads at best to delays and at worst to protracted vacancies. The key is to be in control of the hiring processes, and to make engagement a priority. Use the following strategies to make that happen.

Respect People’s Time

Recruiting is designed to fill an urgent need, but it’s often handled in an inefficient way. Hiring managers schedule three interviews when one will do. They insist on face-to-face interviews when a phone call would work perfectly well. They wait weeks or even months to make a final decision when the role needs to be filled now. This leads to disengaged candidates, invites the risk of poaching, and leaves the company in a vulnerable position for longer. The better strategy is to act efficiently and act fast.

Make Your Process Known

Recruiting is often cloaked in secrecy, but why? What good does it do when candidates are kept in the dark about the evaluation and selection process? Why withhold information from staffing partners invested in finding you the best candidate possible? And why not make everyone involved an equal partner when something as important as a hire is at stake? Being open and honest helps people to feel respected, speaks highly of your culture, and invites stakeholders to be open and honest with their own information.

Create Benefits for All

Recruiting is meant to be a mutually beneficial process. You get the professional you need, that professional gets a new job, and your staffing partner gets to make a quality placement. Making sure that everyone is served by the recruiting process you have in place is essential for your long-term success. Whenever and wherever possible, look for ways to serve the other actors in the process. It may involve giving a little, but it will return dividends you would never expect.

Do you feel in control of the hiring process? Think back to the questions we asked at the outset. If something is missing, contact Bayside Solutions.