How to Showcase Your Track Record of Safety in a Job Search


Safety is a paramount concern for all manufacturers. One accident can shut down a production line, remove an important employee from the workforce, and subject the employer to expensive compensation obligations. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for manufacturing job seekers to clearly and objectively showcase their track record of safety. Use these tips to help any employer understand how much you value safety.

Use Metrics

It can be difficult to quantify just how safe you are, but there are some revealing metrics. Maybe you have worked for five years without an on-the-job accident, helped produce 10,000 pounds of goods without an injury, or traveled over 100,000 miles without a roadway incident. Use anything to emphasize how safe you have been while remaining productive and effective, just be sure to be honest. You can also stress team safety accomplishments to which you contributed.

Demonstrate Your Initiative

As an experienced manufacturer, you have likely had the opportunity to attend safety training sessions and get certified in different aspects of workplace safety. Be sure to include any of these accomplishments on your resume, even if they were a requirement for a past employer. You should also highlight any awards or distinctions you have earned that are related to workplace safety.

Reference the Industry Standard

Statistics on manufacturing safety performance are widely available. Use the available data to showcase how much more accomplished you are than the industry as a whole. These sorts of comparisons immediately jump out to hiring managers and help your safety credentials seem more relevant.

Speak the Language of Safety

In your mission statement and cover letter, emphasize your longstanding and unwavering commitment to safety. Both these sections allow you to speak in your own voice and expound on your professional goals. Make it clear that you understand how to work safe, value this quality in everyone around you, and how to respond if/when there is an accident. If you get called in for an interview, take every opportunity to touch on your safety record.

Now you know how to emphasize your safety record. Do you also know how to emphasize your speed, productivity, innovative idea, and reliability? If you need help demonstrating to employers that you are the very best candidate for the job, partner with the team at Bayside Solutions. We have the resources you need to stand out in today’s competitive job market. Contact us to speak directly to a manufacturing recruiting specialist.