What’s the Best Time of Day to Apply for a New Job?


Most job seekers are aware of the standard tips that can help you land a job, like targeting your resume to the role and the importance of a strong cover letter. But, did you know that the time of day that you choose to apply can impact your rate of success?

A study demonstrated that when you submit an application can impact your chances of being offered an interview, even if you are well qualified for the role. By sending your resume in at the proper moment, you can increase your chances of being contacted. Here’s what you need to know.

The Best Time to Submit Your Resume

Based on the survey, job seekers who submitted their applications between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 am were actually more likely to be contacted for an interview. Approximately 13 percent of those who applied then were given the opportunity to advance through the hiring process, which many would view as a reasonable chance.

However, once that window passes, the chances of being contacted decreased. Typically, the odds of being asked to come in for an interview decreased by 10 percent for every 30 minutes that passed, aside from a brief spike around 12:30 pm.

Overall, the downward trend remains throughout the afternoon and evening, reaching a low point around 7:30 pm (where the chance of getting an interview is only 3 percent). Then, the odds slowly being to increase until they peak again beginning at 6:00 am the next day.

Why Does the Time of an Application Matter?

The study didn’t specifically speak to the reasoning behind why the time at which a resume was submitted matters. However, there are some relevant theories that likely come into play.

For example, many working professionals apply to jobs outside of traditional working hours. This could mean that companies are inundated with resumes in the early evening, increasing the perceived level of competition, particularly when it comes to grabbing the hiring manager’s attention. The hiring manager may also take this influx as a sign that candidates are plentiful, leading them to review these resumes with greater scrutiny.

Another possible reason is hiring managers favoring early birds, which may even be an unconscious bias. Additionally, a Princeton study showed that people are more or less receptive at different points of the day, generally feeling more charitable whenever they aren’t experiencing hunger. This could explain why after breakfast and lunch seem to be better times to apply, as the hiring manager may be in a more favorable mood.

Regardless of the reasoning, choosing to apply in the morning could play in your favor, giving you a way to stand out from the crowd or simply catch the hiring manager in a better mood. However, that doesn’t mean you should bypass other important advice, like targeting your resume.

Similarly, it doesn’t mean you can’t prepare your application email at another point in the day. For example, you could create your message, add the attachments, and save the email as a draft. Then, wait to hit send until the ideal time or schedule it to go out at that point automatically. It may be a small change to your typical process, but the effort could pay off.

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