What Engineers Want from Management


Figuring out exactly what your engineers want from management can feel like a challenge. After all, each person has different priorities, so the number of expectations could add up quickly.

However, in most cases, your employees only need a few basic things from leaders in the organization. If you want to meet or exceed the expectations of your staff, here’s what engineers want from you.

To Be Informed

No one wants to be kept in the dark, especially employees. Not understanding why a company is making a particular decision or why a change is necessary can be frustrating. If the business isn’t disclosing details about the health of the organization, particularly if its obvious that trouble is brewing, employees may be afraid for the future and assume that management is hiding something from them.

Ultimately, clear communication from leaders is important to all workers, including engineers. Being informed can alleviate concerns and prevent rumors from harming morale, even if the truth isn’t great news. Plus, it can make it easier to understand why a change is occurring, giving them the details they need to feel supportive of the company’s choice.

To Be Engaged

When it comes to change, engineers also want to be part of the decision-making process. Generally, workers appreciate having an opportunity to contribute ideas or to simply have their concerns heard.

While you don’t need to engage your workforce on every decision, include your employees whenever possible. Not only does this allow you to explore new ideas, but it gives everyone a chance to be a part of the process.

To Be Recognized

Being recognized for a job well-done lets the employee know that their efforts are appreciated. It also creates a positive culture which can also improve morale since workers know that management is thankful for their contributions and acknowledges what they do to help make the company successful.

Everything from a simple “thank you” to a full-scale recognition event can do the job, depending on the level of the achievement. Just choose an option that makes sense based on the goal that was achieved or the tasks that were done.

You also want to work to make such acknowledgments a habit instead of only an annual event. Just showing appreciation during annual performance reviews isn’t an effective approach, particularly since your engineers are working hard each and every day.

To Be Able to Grow

Having the ability to develop as a professional can boost morale and keep a role exciting, even if the engineering position innately has limited potential for upward mobility. By providing opportunities to learn, the company shows that it is interested in investing in its workers, ensuring they have access to the proper skills and resources to be effective in their positions.

You have multiple options when it comes to professional development programs. Formal education and training is certainly a wise choice as well as the creation of mentorship or job shadowing programs. Cross-training opportunities can also be effective, especially if you allow your engineers a chance to learn based on their current interests.

Ultimately, nearly every engineer wants the same things from management, and they typically aren’t that difficult to cover. If you are interested in learning more, the team at Bayside Solutions can help. Contact us to discuss your business needs today and see how our expertise can benefit you.