It’s a Great Time to Look for a Manufacturing Job!


Over recent years, the United States continued to renew its commitment to manufacturing. While the industry experienced declines in the early 2000s, since 2010, opportunities in manufacturing have actually been increasing, often at a pace similar to the rest of the economy.

Industrial companies focused on sectors like metal fabrication, food production, and transportation products have experienced significant gains. And, when any industry grows, new jobs usually come with the territory.

If you are wondering whether a manufacturing job is right for you, here’s what you need to know.

Entry-Level Options are Available

Unlike many other sectors, it is possible to find an entry-level manufacturing position even if you have limited experience or additional education. Few other industries provide workers with career-oriented opportunities without a college education, making it a great option for those who need to make solid wages in lieu of going to school.

Additionally, entry-level roles in manufacturing typically come with on-the-job training options. Since every environment is different, companies spend timing molding new employees based on their needs, ensuring they have the proper skills to succeed today and into the future.

Above-Average Wage Potential

Many manufacturing jobs have significant potential when it comes to salaries. When compared to other positions that don’t require a college education, manufacturing roles often pay well above what is available in other sectors, such as retail or food service.

Plus, as you build skills over time, your wages can increase significantly. Currently, more people are retiring from manufacturing jobs than are available to replace them. This can lead to rising salaries, especially since manufacturing companies have to compete for top talent in a shrinking candidate pool.

Having a solid career in manufacturing is completely possible, particularly if you have a willingness to learn and a good work ethic. Additionally, the number of opportunities to advance will likely only increase, especially as more Baby Boomers choose to exit the workforce.

Job Satisfaction

One benefit of working in the manufacturing sector is the ability to see the results of your work. Since physical products are being made, you can derive satisfaction from viewing the fruits of your labor, something that isn’t always possible in other jobs.

For individuals that like to work with their hands, manufacturing is also an excellent choice. Even computer-based positions have a physical component as you have to interact with the equipment to achieve the desired result.

Plus, manufacturing jobs are inherently team-oriented, so you’ll typically build a sense of comradery with your coworkers as you all strive to meet production goals and adhere to quality control standards.

Ultimately, manufacturing creates a wealth of opportunities for earning a strong salary in an environment that lets you witness the results of your work. You won’t have to question whether your contribution matters as you can see evidence of it every single day. Being part of a team can also be invigorating, especially when everyone works together towards common goals.

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