How to Inspire Others When You’re in a Rut


As a leader in your organization, you are commonly tasked with keeping your team motivated to be at their best. However, if you find yourself in a rut and are struggling to keep yourself inspired, the idea of keeping your team’s energy levels up may seem daunting.

Being in a rut is a challenge in its own right, making it difficult to focus on your tasks, let alone providing the kind of input required to motivate others. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to keep your team inspired, even if you are feeling anything but. If you are wondering how you can encourage others when you’re in a rut, here’s how to get started.

Check in with Yourself

One of the easiest ways to find the energy to motivate others is to rekindle your own sense of motivation. If you’re in a rut, begin this process by doing a full self-check-in.

Reflect on your physical state first. Consider whether you are getting enough rest, eating a balanced diet, and finding time to de-stress. When the body is worn out or tired, your mental energy will usually be drained as well, so see if you need to make improvements in this area to get your motivation back.

Next, consider your mental state. Is your inner dialogue doing more harm than good? Consider journaling your thoughts so you can see exactly what your internal dialogue is saying. Then, combat any negative self-talk with a realistic, supportive response.

Finally, check in on your emotional state. Are their issues outside the workplace that are weighing heavily on your mind? Is there a situation at work that is taking an emotional toll? Again, journaling can be helpful for organizing your thoughts and feelings, making it easier to address these properly.

Be Honest with Your Team

If you’re are struggling to get inspired, let your team know. Ultimately, dips in motivation happen to everyone, but your staff can’t help if they aren’t aware of the situation.

By cluing your team in, you are taking a moment to be vulnerable while also letting them know that you are, in fact, human, like everyone else. It can also build trust and mutual respect since you were willing to be open about the situation. Plus, in most cases, your team will rally to your side and step up to fill in the gap, which can also help you rekindle your own sense of motivation.

You can also ask them what they need to feel inspired or what you can do to keep their energy levels up. Sometimes, this can give you clear direction that makes motivating them easier, relieving some of the burden associated with the task.

Make Time for Fun

Sometimes, having a little bit of fun can make a world of difference. Whether you schedule some time to take part in your favorite activity alone as a means of increasing your energy or carve out an afternoon for some lighthearted team-building exercises with your staff, injecting a bit of joy into your life and increase feelings of motivation, making it easier to keep everyone feeling inspired.

Ultimately, it is possible to keep your team inspired, even if you are in a rut. Start with the tips above and see if they don’t help you get moving down the right path.

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