How to Find Your Next Job Through Social Media


Social media is often touted as a powerful tool that every job seeker should use to help land their next position. But, with so many different platforms available, how do you decide which one will assist you with your manufacturing job search?

To help you get started, here is what you need to know about some of the most popular platforms for finding a new position.


By and large, LinkedIn is considered the destination for professionals of all kinds, regardless of your industry or level of experience. The platform gives you the ability to list details about your work history and skills that may not fit on a standard resume or application and provides you the flexibility to share additional tidbits about your goals or the kinds of positions you are hoping to find.

Plus, recruiters and hiring managers often use LinkedIn to search for potential candidates, giving them the ability to find you while you are searching for new opportunities.

Learning how to navigate LinkedIn isn’t overly time-consuming, as the platform is relatively simple and straightforward. And, once you have a profile set up, the amount of maintenance required is also fairly low, ensuring it won’t take up too much of your time to stay up-to-date and relevant.


Facebook has become a popular platform for hiring managers and job seekers alike, especially since there is a jobs section built right in. You can update your profile to make it professional and apply for jobs directly through the platform, centralizing some of your job search efforts.

However, if you use Facebook to apply to opportunities, then you need to make sure that your profile reflects positively on you as a professional. This means that certain personal posts or photos may need to be removed, as well as any comments you may have left on topics or posts that may be viewed as controversial or unprofessional.


Twitter can be useful for job seekers as some companies may announce their vacancies through the platform. However, it can also be one of the higher maintenance platforms, as searching through a sea of tweets isn’t always easy.

Additionally, connecting with hiring managers or companies can also be a lot of work on Twitter, as it generally requires retweeting recent tweets or sharing your own thoughts in an abbreviated form. The character limit for each tweet can feel very restrictive, so this may not be the ideal platform for everyone if your goal is to engage with others in the industry.

How Often Do I Need to Log In?

If you want social media to be an integral part of your job search, then you want to log in at least a few times a week, especially if you apply to a position or reach out to a hiring manager using one of the platforms. Luckily, you can easily set up alerts to notify you of incoming direct messages, ensuring you can reply quickly, and can even automate some of your search activities to help make sure you don’t miss out on a newly announced opportunity.

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