Why It’s Time to Invest in Your Company’s Health and Wellness Program


When it comes down to it, healthy employees are more productive than their unwell counterparts. While you can’t control every aspect of your staff’s physical, mental and emotional well-being, providing them with the proper tools and programs can give them the ability to manage those things themselves.

Health and wellness programs create a vehicle to support your employees both inside the office and in the rest of their daily lives. Plus, these offerings show that you care about how they are doing, and that can improve morale.

Luckily, creating a health and wellness program isn’t inherently difficult. If you are looking for new areas to invest in, here are some offerings that many employees would appreciate.

Sessions and Classes

Sometimes, information is one of the most powerful things you can offer your workforce. In the areas of health and wellness, topics like stress management and nutrition can be incredibly beneficial. Additionally, giving various support groups a place to meet can help people come together to help one another through challenging times.

Consider offering some classes or sessions in an available conference room during lunch hours or even as on-demand webinars. This makes them accessible without requiring them to take personal time to attend.

Healthy Food

Speaking of nutrition, having healthy food available on-site can go a long way to supporting the health and wellness of your team. This can include updating cafeteria offerings, adding better items to vending machines, or even providing free healthy snacks.

The goal is to provide workers access to nutritious foods even when they are pressed for time, ensuring they don’t resort to convenience, junk, or fast foods simply because they are struggling to meet a deadline.

Fitness Center

Having an on-site fitness center can go a long way to promoting a healthier lifestyle. While acquiring equipment can be expensive and you have to have a dedicated space, making a safe place to exercise available can make it easier for employees to squeeze in some fitness activities during their day.

Alternatively, you can arrange for classes to be offered in conference rooms or other suitable spaces. These might not require the same amount of equipment, helping keep the cost of the program down, but can be equally beneficial.

Transportation Alternatives and Incentives

Many workers spend a significant amount of their day commuting. So, if you can lessen that burden, it will likely be appreciated.

Consider setting up a carpool program to help match employees who live in the same areas and have similar hours, or offer discounted public transportation passes to make this option more attractive.

Some cities or counties even sponsor programs that support area transportation initiatives, providing residents with access to vehicles that can be used for carpooling or vanpooling as a means of reducing the total number of cars on the road.

Any of the options above can help you improve your health and wellness program, making them worthy investments. If you are interested in learning more, the professionals at Bayside Solutions can help you explore your options. Contact us to speak with one of our experienced team members today and see how our services can help your business succeed.