Why You Need to Create Mock Job Interviews to Learn How to Ace Your Real Interview


When you want to master a skill, one adage usually applies: practice makes perfect. The more you do something, the more natural it becomes and the easier it is to accomplish the associated task.

Ultimately, interviewing is a skill, and that means repetition is your ally when you want to improve. While every real interview you attend is, essentially, a form of practice, that means you are working on your skills at a less than ideal time, as there is a position you are likely hoping to land on the line.

Instead, mock job interviews can be a better platform for improving your performance. If you are wondering why, here’s what you need to know.

Limited Consequences

The penalty for a poor performance during an actual job interview is typically not getting the job. While that isn’t necessarily the end of the world, it probably isn’t the outcome of your dreams.

But, during a mock interview, the penalty for a misstep is largely inconsequential. You may have to deal with some constructive criticism from the person acting as the interviewer in the scenario, but that is only given as a means to help you improve. Yes, it may be a little embarrassing, but that feeling will fade. And, as you go through the mock job interview process more and more, you’ll get better at it, allowing you to nail your interview when it counts.

Real-Time Feedback

During an actual job interview, you likely aren’t going to receive much specific and actionable feedback regarding your performance. Sure, you may get some general guidance after the fact but, if that is the case, it may be too vague to act on.

In a mock job interview, your interviewer has the ability to offer feedback in real-time, allowing them to intervene when you provide a less than ideal answer or guide you on how to do better next time. Then, you can try the same question a second time, giving yourself a chance to ace it through repetition.

Setting Up a Mock Job Interview

When you want to experience a mock job interview, it pays off if you ensure that it mimics the real thing. For example, select a mock interviewer who understands the field or industry, find questions online that are widely used and align with the vacancy announcement, and choose a physical space that provides an appropriate setting. If possible, you should also wear the outfit you intend to wear for the real thing.

By taking the time to make sure the mock interview is similar to what you’ll experience during the real one, you can get more comfortable with the whole process, giving yourself the highest chance of being at your best.

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