Will Staying in a Job You Hate Make You Stronger?


At some point in nearly every career, a person finds themselves in a job they dislike or even loathe. While being in a position you hate may seem torturous, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value, as long as you view it in the right light.

In fact, staying in a job you hate can provide you with a range of benefits, and may even make you a stronger person. If you’re wondering how that is possible, here’s what you need to consider.

Will It Help You Move Forward?

In some cases, a particular role is just a stepping stone to bigger and better things. Maybe you are acquiring a certain kind of experience or gaining a specific skill, even if you don’t like the position overall.

At times, sticking it out in a job you hate will open doors for you in the future. And, depending on what you need to gain to move forward in your career, this pitstop in temporary misery may be unavoidable, making it effectively a necessity.

If you really need this skill or experience to move on to a job you actually want, then staying is the right move. Just remind yourself how this position will help you reach your larger goals and use it as a source of motivation to keep you going.

Will It Teach You About Perseverance?

Just because you hate your job today doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. This is especially true when the thing that leaves you wanting is predominately associated with a specific manager or coworker, who may seek out another opportunity themselves, or a situation that is temporary in nature.

Sometimes, by staying in the role, you’ll be able to outlast the problem that has left you frustrated. Then, when circumstances change, you may find that the job you hate has turned into something you actually enjoy. Plus, it serves as an excellent lesson about perseverance, making you a stronger person who is better equipped to handle similar challenges in the future.

Is It Serving a Purpose?

Ultimately, it only makes sense to stay in a job you hate if it serves a purpose, such as giving you the skills or experience you need to secure a better position. If your role isn’t providing you with any discernable value beyond a paycheck, and the situation isn’t likely to improve in the future, then sometimes it is better to look for new opportunities. That way, you can find a job that does provide you with something that serves a purpose, even if it is just a lateral move that lets you build new skills or experience a better environment.

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