Why Today’s Manufacturing Jobs are More Than Just an Assembly Line


When most people envision a job in manufacturing, they conjure up an image of rows of people standing on an assembly line doing the same small task over and over again. But, the manufacturing jobs of today aren’t the same of those of yesteryear, thanks to advances in manufacturing technology and improved processes.

Robotics and machinery have revolutionized the manufacturing industry, and created roles well beyond the assembly line jobs you likely envisioned. If you are wondering what today’s manufacturing jobs look like, here’s what you need to know.

Safe and Innovative Environments

As technology has improved, manufacturing workplaces have become safer and more innovative. Everything from robots and drones to the integration of augmented reality technology have increased safety throughout the industry, as well as robust health and safety regulations designed to improve the environment for workers.

Machinery has also supported innovation, with technologies like wearable devices, handheld technologies, connected sensors, and 3D printers changing what companies can produce and how quickly they can accomplish tasks. This can make manufacturing environments particularly exciting, especially as these technologies continue to improve and new ones enter the market.

Competitive Salaries

Many people incorrectly assume that manufacturing positions don’t pay well. But, wages in the industry have actually been increasing, and most workers also enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, including offerings like medical insurance and employer-sponsored retirement accounts.

As you progress through your career, you can also gain access to some higher paying roles, such as those involving supervising teams or managing operations.

Job Opportunities

While some assembly line roles do still exist, the manufacturing industry also has much more to offer. Quality control positions are common, as nearly every business needs a dedicated team of skilled employees to monitor their products for defects and other issues. Engineers are also hired by these companies, particularly those who can adjust and maintain equipment or even create brand new solutions designed to handle specific problems.

Manufacturing companies also need a range of other professionals to manage operations that aren’t entirely focused on the production floor. For example, human resources, sales, and financial professionals may find excellent opportunities with these businesses.

Additionally, management and training-oriented positions are commonplace, as every manufacturing company needs people to oversee operations, direct teams, and provide training to a broad selection of employees.

Ultimately, the manufacturing companies of today offer job seekers so much more than just a position on an assembly line, making them great options for those interested in building strong careers in an industry that is embracing technology and innovation to create new and exciting products for a variety of customers.

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