It’s Time to Hire Your Next Great Manufacturing Team Lead!


Finding the ideal person to fill a vacant manufacturing team lead position can be tricky. After all, they need to have the right level of technical expertise along with the leadership and communications skills to take charge of a team. The role is part functional and part managerial, and it isn’t always easy to find the right candidate to fill those shoes.

If you are working to hire your next great manufacturing team lead, here are some points to focus on during the screening process.

Communication and Leadership Skills

A manufacturing team lead has to both direct and oversee the work of a group of employees, and that means they need to be effective communicators and leaders. Certain people seem to have the innate ability to lead others, even when multiple personality types are present, while others may struggle in these areas. Often, you’ll need to assess a candidate’s capabilities in these areas during the interview by asking probing questions.

For example, having them discuss a time when they had to deal with a difficult coworker, manager or subordinate can provide valuable insights, as well as having them talk about how others they have worked with would describe them.

Additionally, asking about how they would give direction to employees or how they would describe their management style can be equally helpful.

A Focus on Safety

While most manufacturing environments have a variety of safety protocols and procedures, not workplace is completely safe by design. Manufacturing team leads need to have a focus on safety, both for the benefit of themselves and their team. This can include putting an emphasis on training as well as strong observational skills so that they can detect potential hazards before an accident or injury occurs.

To help determine if a candidate considers safety a priority, consider asking them what their top three points of concern are when they are on a manufacturing floor. This allows you to assess their priorities without unintentionally shaping their response.

Organizational Skills

Since manufacturing team leads have a lot on their plate, organizational skills are a must. At times, the design of a candidate’s resume can speak volumes about their competency in this area, though simply asking whether they would describe themselves as an organized individual is also a suitable way to find out where they stand. However, if you do ask, look for job seekers that can provide specific examples as to how they stay organized on the job, such as using to-do or checklists, scheduling programs, or similar tools to ensure they remain on track.

Ultimately, finding the right person to fill a manufacturing team lead role can be a challenge but, by following the tips above, you can discover insights in key areas that may indicate their potential for success. If you are seeking a manufacturing team lead, the professionals at Bayside Solution can connect you with some of today’s top talent. Contact us today to learn how our services can connect you with an ideal candidate quickly and efficiently.