Which Roles in Tech are the Most Secure This Year?


Since technology changes at such a rapid pace, some of the most secure jobs of yesterday have begun to see serious declines, while others are rising to the top at a record pace. Figuring out which roles offer a reasonable level of security can be a challenge, particularly since those making headlines don’t always fall into that category.

Typically, a stable job has a few characteristics, like demand levels that remain largely unchanged and salaries that aren’t notably decreasing over time. This means the positions aren’t subject to some of the fluctuations that others may experience. If you are wondering which roles in tech are most secure this year, here’s what you need to know.

Tech Management

Technology is becoming more ingrained in nearly every company, and someone has to oversee it all. Tech managers are likely here to stay for the foreseeable future, especially as new solutions and systems aim to change how business is done in essentially every industry.

Product managers are similarly well-positioned, as the role is seen as essential.

Business Analyst

Another job that has steady demand is the business analyst role. Companies rely on these professionals to review and improve a variety of operations as a means of increasing efficiency or lowering costs. Since this sort of work isn’t as subject to the fluctuations other positions may see, it’s a smart choice for those looking for extra stability. Plus, you can begin working in the field as long as you have the right level of education and training, which can often be obtained faster than what is required for management level position.

Software Engineer

As more companies look to produce their own applications or customize out-of-the-box solutions, software engineers have remained steadily in demand. The level of interest a professional working in the field can expect may vary depending on their precise skill set, such as which coding languages they know and the amount of experience they have in the similar positions. However, it is also an adaptable profession, as long as you are open to learning new languages and skills as needed to stay relevant.

Technical Support

While AI and chatbots may be changing how Tier 1 support is provided, there will also be a need for professionals who can troubleshoot more complex problems or work with customers who aren’t comfortable with automated support options.

Additionally, nearly any piece of equipment or software will create or encounter issues from time to time, so having someone available to provide assistance as required is practically a necessity.

If finding a level of stability in your career is a goal, any of the positions above may offer the job security you seek. If you are looking for a new tech position, the skilled professionals at Bayside Solutions can connect you with exciting opportunities at some of the area’s leading companies. Contact us to learn more about our services and to see how they can benefit you as you move along your career path today.