How Can Human Managers Stay Relevant in a Data-Driven Workforce?


As technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics change how decisions are made in the workplace, some managers have become concerned that their skills and roles will end up less relevant over time. Solutions can review large quantities of data to produce recommendations about the best courses of action, some of them even seemingly predicting the future.

To adjust to this changing world, managers need to be prepared to embrace what the technology has to offer while also shifting their approach to business as needed. This will allow human managers to stay relevant over time, regardless of how data-driven the workforce becomes. If you are looking for tips on how to get started, here are a few to consider.

Embrace Technical Agility

Today, there is simply no escaping technology. Managers that fight against a new system or solution that could potentially benefit their department or the business aren’t going to survive in the business landscape of today.

Instead of trying to go against the grain, look for opportunities to gain experience in the latest applications and programs. This will help you see their benefit while ensuring you are adept at managing the solutions, or the people who will be overseeing the technologies.

Understand the Value of Data

Many managers have learned to listen to their gut when it comes to making decisions. While relying on your own expertise is certainly still valid, you also need to understand how data can provide you with substantial value when it comes to decision-making.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to blindly trust the data at all times, just that you need to consider what it has to say before committing to a particular path.

Change Your Approach to Projects

Technologies like AI and data analytics will allow many routine and repetitive tasks to be automated, even when working on projects. While this seemingly decreases your workload, potentially putting your job at risk, it is actually an opportunity to redirect those energies into exciting areas like innovation and strategy.

There is still a lot that technology can’t do, such as think creatively and innovate, so shifting your focus onto those areas can help keep you relevant and add a new dimension to your role.

Network for Cross-Departmental Success

Gone are the days where technical projects lie solely in the hands of IT. Now, cross-departmental project teams are becoming the norm, so networking with professionals in other areas and supporting the formation of strong coalitions can help your career.

Ultimately, this is about forging connections in the right areas to support various objectives, so don’t limit your networking activities just to people in your field.

While technology is going to change managers’ responsibilities, it doesn’t mean that they are becoming irrelevant. By adapting to this data-driven paradigm, you can assert yourself as a long-term asset, giving you an additional sense of security in your role.

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