How to Break into a Career in Blockchain


Interest in blockchain has skyrocketed thanks to its connection with cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. The technology gives companies a method for tracking transactions in a new one, using a process that is largely considered more secure and transparent than many other offerings.

As the business world has taken notice of blockchain, the demand for skilled professionals has increased dramatically, leaving many job seekers wondering precisely what they can do to break into the field. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know if you want to start a career in blockchain.

Why Blockchain is So Appealing

While blockchain is primarily associated with cryptocurrencies by the general public, it also has to potential to do much more. As a technology, blockchain can increase transparency, security, and accountability while reducing error rates, mostly due to how transactions are recorded. This makes it particularly well suited for activities like signing contracts.

Predominately, blockchain has the ability to verify the validity of a transaction as the records cannot be altered after the activity is complete. The details are published to shared ledgers, making it easy for trusted parties to review the data while also maintaining a reasonable amount of control over access.

Blockchain can also increase the speed at which transactions are complete and can offer businesses a substantial cost savings through the elimination of intermediaries, such as government agencies and banks.

Blockchain as a Career

Based on blockchains capabilities, the technology will soon be in use in a wide variety of industries, ranging from financial to manufacturing. For companies that want to support their own blockchain development, they will need skilled professionals with the right level of competency.

Since the technology is relatively new, the vast majority of people working in the field don’t have a college education focused on blockchain. However, they typically have a degree in a related field, such as computer science or programming.

Generally, knowledge of specific coding languages, like C++, is a must, so it can be worth exploring a variety of coding boot camps, some of which may even be targeted to blockchain, as a means of securing the necessary skills, if you don’t possess them already.

There are also a lot of online resources that allow a person to view open-source projects featuring blockchain code. This can be an excellent way of seeing how it is constructed. Further, sites like GitHub give developers a chance to discuss posted code, which is another suitable way to learn more about it.

Ultimately, blockchain is a fledgling field, so those with related skills can make a transition into a blockchain career with just a little extra effort. If you are interested in exploring opportunities in blockchain, the team at Bayside Solutions can connect you with some of the area’s top employers. Contact us to learn more about our current job openings and to see how our services can help you take the next step forward in your blockchain career.