How to Recruit More Millennials into Manufacturing


Many manufacturing companies are struggling to find the workers they need, particularly since members of the Millennial generation have not shown the same level of interest in the industry as older generations. Often, this means you will have to put forth additional effort to attract these workers. Otherwise, you may find yourself battling against vacancies for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in recruiting more Millennials, here’s how to get started.

Go Digital

Millennials largely rely on online resources to find out about positions and companies. This means your digital presence is more important than ever, particularly if you are looking to recruit members of Gen Y.

If you haven’t revisited your website in some time, now may be the ideal time to give it a once-over. Look for outdated information and get it updated, remove anything that no longer applies, and add details about recent accomplishments. When possible, consider adding some video content as well, as this format is considering more engaging to those of younger generations.

You also want to establish or update your social media presence. Millennials turn to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube for details about companies and even open jobs. If you don’t have accounts on these sites, then you need to get them up and running. Then, make sure to share content that doesn’t just sell your product or discuss job opening. Instead, provide readers with something of value, like tips for success and industry news, if you want to connect with them in a meaningful way.

Create Clear Paths for Advancement

Gone are the days where a person accepted a job simply for a paycheck. Gen Y is particularly interested in how a particular role will help them move down a career path, so showing them how they can progress in the field by accepting a position can help you catch their attention.

When you are defining these paths for the first time, create a management team that involves senior-level employees, managers, and an HR representative. Then, discuss where talent gaps exist and form a plan to show how people who fill these vacancies can progress beyond these roles. By outlining a program, you can easily show Millennial candidates that there is a path forward, and that can help make your offer seem more enticing.

Provide Feedback

Millennials aren’t just more open to feedback on the job; they crave it. If your organization’s management style doesn’t involve mechanisms for providing input beyond an annual performance review, then you need to create them. Generally, this consists of determining how to make ongoing feedback, both positive and negative, part of your standard management approach. In some cases, you may be able to find online tools to assist, though you can also craft systems on your own by working with members of management to make feedback a more common occurrence.

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