Get in the Right Mindset to Find a New Job in 2018!


Whether you are planning on finding a new job by choice or out of necessity, being prepared can make a substantial difference in your level of success. While most job seekers focus on tangible preparations, like getting their resume and cover letter in order, your mindset also plays a large role in your search for a new position. To help you make sure your ready, here are some tips for getting into the right mindset to find a new job in 2018.

Make It a Priority

Finding a new position can be as much of a job as the one you’re currently performing. It requires hard work, time, and dedication if you want to get optimal results, so understanding that from the beginning is crucial.

While you don’t need to commit 40 hours a week to your job search activities, it is wise to schedule time during your week to handle the tasks. This helps formalize the process and makes it easier to keep it as a priority, even while you keep up with the duties associated with your current role.

Often, a job search is more like a marathon than a sprint, so preparing yourself for the journey ahead is a smart place to begin.

Don’t Abandon Ship Early

When you’re focused on finding a new position, it can be tempting to let things at work slip by the wayside. But failing to meet your obligations can come back to haunt you, as your current employer may serve as a much-needed reference for a new one.

Instead of allowing your job search to take over your life, you need to compartmentalize those activities from your work-related duties. This can include avoiding checking personal email during work hours and not heading over to job boards when you’re on the clock.

Keeping the two activities separate is important, so work to concentrate on the tasks at hand and not let the other interfere with your level of success.

Consider Why You’re Leaving

There are a plethora of reasons why a person may want to pursue a new opportunity, but understanding what prompted you to make that decision can be incredibly beneficial. First, it will make it easier to address interview questions about your planned exit. Second, it will help you understand what wasn’t working in your current role, which can make it easier to find new positions that don’t have the same shortcomings or issues.

Often, this requires a bit of self-exploration and a substantial amount of honesty to be effective. But, by assessing the reasoning behind your decision, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your motivation, which can make it easier to keep moving forward with your job search down the road.

If you are hoping to find a new job in 2018, the professionals a Bayside Solutions can connect you with leading employers throughout the area. Contact us today to see how our services can simplify your job search.