How Will Silicon Valley Change in 2018?


Silicon Valley is a hotbed of both tech and culture, attracting a variety of businesses and professionals to the region. While Silicon Valley is still a staple in the tech space, that doesn’t mean the area isn’t expecting changes as the calendar shifts to 2018 and beyond. Here’s what you need to know:

Software is Booming

While Silicon Valley was largely established by hardware companies, a lack of available real estate and the proliferation of internet-based solutions, like cloud services, are changing the makeup of the average tech business in the area. Software companies don’t require the same level of infrastructure, allowing them to function in smaller, downtown locations. This makes them ideal for Silicon Valley, as tech talent still flocks to the area and Millennials favor the downtown office locations.

Now, this doesn’t mean that hardware companies are leaving the space. Instead, you’ll find a stronger mix of opportunities, making it a smart destination for networking professionals, software developers, and web professionals alike.

AI is In-Demand

As more companies explore artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, opportunities in the field continue to soar, including in Silicon Valley. AI is evolving at a rapid pace, and that means businesses need to secure strong candidates from relatively small talent pools.

This extends to the intelligent app and things space as well, as more companies work to integrate these technologies into products that reach customers’ hands, like augmented reality and autonomous vehicles. Like other AI positions, competition for professionals in these spaces is fierce, leaving IT pros with the right skills well-positioned to succeed in the Silicon Valley area.


As Bitcoin becomes more integrated into the business world, blockchain specialists are being sought out throughout the country, including in Silicon Valley. Like AI, the number of available professionals is limited, and companies are competing to secure the best talent available. This means tech pros with the right skills can find exceptional opportunities in the area, making it a great location to start or build a career.

Low Unemployment Favors Job Seekers

Much of the country is in a period of incredibly low unemployment, especially in the IT arena. This means job seekers are in an incredibly powerful position, especially if they are highly skilled and experienced in their field.

Since Silicon Valley has such a large complement of tech businesses, IT professionals can likely secure lucrative positions with some time an effort, especially in high-demand areas like mobile application and software development or AI and machine learning.

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