Why You Must Take Steps to Make Candidates Feel Welcome


In many cases, leaders and employees that are involved in the hiring process serve as the first impression to candidates applying to vacancies. But even in knowing that, many companies don’t focus on making the experience pleasant for applicants or extend a general sense that the candidates are welcome.

As more companies compete for seemingly shrinking pools of talent, failing to extend basic courtesies to applicants can cost you an ideal employee. Here’s are some steps you can take to improve the experience for everyone involved, especially the candidates.

Share Critical Details Early

During the initial screening process, you should focus on more than just a starting assessment of the applicant’s skills. While determining whether they could be potentially suitable for the role, it’s also crucial that you share important tidbits of information with them too.

For example, if the salary for the position wasn’t included in the vacancy announcement, it’s wise to discuss this with potential candidates early on. This allows them to determine if they would be open to accepting the job, if it is offered, at that particular rate. Failing to do so means an applicant (and you) could dedicate a substantial amount of time and energy only to discover that you don’t see eye to eye on the salary.

Instead of holding this information close to the chest, share details about the salary, hours, and duration (such as whether it is a contract or permanent role) as soon as possible, so professionals who aren’t interested based on the terms can exit the process quickly, which benefits you both.

Focus on Clear Communication

As you pick promising candidates for interviews, make sure to provide a thorough overview of the upcoming portions of the process. Give them clear instructions regarding where the meeting will take place and who they should see when they arrive. Let them know if there are any parking restrictions they need to be aware of as well.

It’s also helpful to share information regarding any documents they need to bring with them, such as copies of their resumes, reference lists, or portfolios, as well as give them details about the people who will be present in the interviewer, especially if a panel is involved. If specific topics will be covered, consider sharing that as well, as this helps the candidate focus on the proper areas, ensuring that they can thoroughly represent their skills.

Treat Them Like VIPs

Most offices have a set of courtesies they extend VIPs, and offering the same experience to your candidates when they come in for an interview can have an incredibly positive impact. Make sure they are properly greeted once they arrive, and take a moment to thank them for coming. If you’re delayed, don’t leave them sitting in the lobby. Instead, enlist another employee who can give the candidate a quick tour of the building and work areas or direct them towards refreshments while engaging them in conversation.

By being welcoming, the candidate will feel more comfortable, ensuring they can be at their best when the interview begins.

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