How to Prepare Yourself for Your Annual Performance Review


With the New Year being just around the corner, many employees are about to receive their annual performance review. Many workers assume they only have a passive role in the process, but preparing for the appraisal can actually work in your favor. Here’s how to get started.

Look At Past Performance Reviews

One of the easiest places to start is your last employee appraisal. Often, these documents contain recommendations and goals that you were supposed to work toward during the year, so reviewing the details and seeing how you progressed is a smart way to prepare.

If you haven’t had a performance review with this company before, look to your starting goals and any expectations that were set when you were hired, as you’ll gain similar insights that will help you get ready.

Gather Reports and Journal Notes

For employees who receive reports regarding their performance or project statuses, gather them together and review the information to help you recall any accomplishments or milestones you reached during the prior year. If you keep a performance journal, look over those notes as well, as they will make it easier when you need to remember details about how you’ve performed.

Create an Accomplishments List

Once you have your past reviews, reports, and notes, create a list of your achievements and relate them to larger goals associated with your position or broader company objectives. Include details about how you accomplished specific tasks, but try to keep the information concise. This allows your manager to obtain valuable context about your performance without being overwhelmed by minutia.

Make sure you don’t overlook accomplishments from early in 2017, as these can be just as relevant as those you achieved later in the year. And include details about any training or professional development activities you completed, as these also show your commitment to the position and your growth.

Complete a Self-Evaluation

If you know the areas you will be assessed on, consider completing an honest self-evaluation to determine your progress. Review each goal or competency and score your performance according to company standards. This helps you identify your strengths and areas for improvement, as well as ensure that your perception of your performance is accurate.

Create a List of Areas for Improvement

Now that you’ve assessed your performance, you can identify any areas in which you’d like to improve. Be honest about any points where you struggled as this will allow your manager to help you devise a plan for future success. If you have the opportunity, exam available classes or programs that could help you make forward progress so you can discuss these options with your supervisor.

Identify New Goals

While your manager will likely have some goals for you to strive toward over the next year, creating your own can be beneficial and provide your boss with insight regarding where you would like to go next. This could include assuming new duties, taking on additional responsibilities, or broadening your skill set.

Once everything is prepared, share the information with your manager before your performance review meeting. This gives them a chance to review your thoughts and improves the odds that you can both have a meaningful conversation when the time comes.

Then, be prepared to receive their feedback by staying relaxed and trying to avoid becoming defensive, as this helps you get the most out of the experience.

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