The Skills All Great Tech Project Managers Must Have


Choosing to bring in a project manager is no small decision. You’re typically going to be putting something incredibly important into their hands, so you want to make sure they possess the right skills for the role.

Often, finding a candidate with the proper technical expertise is only part of the battle, as there are numerous soft skills that can make the difference between a subpar project manager and an exceptional one. To help you find an ideal person for the role, here are some must-have skills to focus on.


The vast majority of a project manager’s job revolves around communication. They are responsible for coordinating the efforts of team members, keeping everyone apprised of any progress and shifts in priorities, and sharing complex information with stakeholders who might not be as tech-savvy. Additionally, they have to be able to gather information from customers, which often requires lengthy conversations to help identify their true needs.

With strong written and verbal communication, the project manager will have a harder time meeting the objectives, which makes this skill a top priority.


Project managers are responsible for guiding the actions of their teams, including keeping everyone on target and motivated when things go awry. Without leadership skills, the project manager may have a difficult time commanding the respect of their team and making smart choices about how they work together. Additionally, someone who isn’t a great leader can actually add to the stress of the employees they oversee, especially during a crisis, which may result in poor productivity or less than stellar outcomes.

Leadership is a fundamental skill for project managers, so any candidate who is ill-equipped in this area may struggle.


Not only do project managers need to coordinate their own work, but they are also responsible for guiding the work of others. Without strong organizational skills, they could quickly lose track of important details, begin missing deadlines, and select the wrong priorities.

The best project management candidates will have superb organizational skills, including on a personal level. Without the ability to keep everything in its proverbial place, this can quickly get lost in the shuffle, and that is practically guaranteed to harm the health of the project.

Risk Management

There is no such thing as a risk-free project. Almost every undertaking will encounter some kind of issue, and being able to offer a solution quickly can make a substantial amount of difference, especially if you are dealing with tight deadlines.

Risk management involves examining the project to spot potential problems or pain points in advance and then working to identify solutions should an issue occur. And, project managers who do this well, can help alleviate possible headaches well before they happen.

Great tech project managers will likely possess all of the skills above along with their technical expertise, so make sure to explore their backgrounds in these key areas when you are hoping to find top talent.

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