Sure, You’re a Great Boss … But How Do You Become a Great Leader?


Becoming a great boss is no small feat. Often, it means knowing how to give effective and actionable feedback, how to delegate tasks and coordinate team efforts, and even guide the development of staff members. But, simply being a reliable boss doesn’t mean your workers view you as an exceptional leader.

Often, there’s more to leadership than managing tasks and providing direction, and much of it is based on a single critical point. Here’s what you need to know.

The ‘Why’ Behind the ‘What’

Many bosses are proficient at telling their team what is going to happen, but they aren’t always as forward with the reason the decision was made. Typically, this stems from the idea of not having to explain yourself to subordinates, but failing to fill them in means you are missing out on an opportunity to demonstrate true leadership and all of the benefits that provides.

Here are a few reasons why explaining the ‘why’ is a wise choice.

Clarify Priorities

When you start sharing the reasoning behind your decisions and actions, you give your staff valuable context regarding the situation. This can include explaining why you chose option X over option Y or why a recommendation was turned down.

Usually, your decisions are based on information that your team isn’t automatically privy to, so leaving the details out mean they can’t fully understand your priorities. By sharing the information, you can give them insight into what’s important to you and the business, making it easier for them to shape their actions accordingly.

Build Decision-Making Skills

Once you begin explaining how you make your decisions, you’re creating a learning opportunity for your entire team. As they start to understand your thought processes, they can use that information to make better decisions at their level. Plus, they can gain insight into how critical choices are made, helping them handle similar challenges with greater ease, should the situation arise.

Increase Engagement

While merely filling your staff in on what is happening can keep them suitably informed, giving them information about why something occurred helps them stay engaged. It can provide important insights into how pieces of the business fit together, including how their work relates to larger missions and goals, giving their tasks meaning beyond the day to day. This can build internal motivation which, in turn, can increase productivity and the quality of their work, creating a winning scenario for everyone involved.

By taking some time to explain the ‘why’ behind the ‘what,’ you position yourself as an effective leader who empowers their team to reach success. It only takes a little time to do it well, so it is well within the reach of most bosses.

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