Why a Staffing Firm is the Right Choice for Your Career


Some job seekers question the value of working with a recruitment agency. Often, they feel as though they should be able to locate a new opportunity on their own, so they hesitate to enlist assistance from any other source. But, by choosing not to work with these companies, you could be missing out. To help you see the value, here are a few reasons why a staffing firm is the right choice for your career.

Career Advice

Reputable recruitment agencies are invested in the success of the job seekers they help. This means they’ll often provide advice based on their professional expertise, which can help you learn which skills are currently in-demand and how to present yourself to a potential employer best. They can also help with resume and cover letter creation as well as interview coaching and more.

By connecting with a recruiter, you essentially gain access to a career coach who has a vested interested in your success.

Powerful Search Tools

Staffing firms often have access to and knowledge of a broad selection of powerful tools to help match candidates to open positions. The recruiters will learn about your skills, experience, and preferences, and use that information to match you to vacancies. Often, this goes well beyond what you’ll find on a job board, so they may be able to provide better matches than you locate on your own.

Partnerships with Employers

Recruitment firms often form strong partnerships with area businesses, giving them access to a wide variety of job openings, even before they are posted publicly. Some job seekers are surprised to find that some companies do all of their hiring through a single staffing firm and may not formally advertise their own positions in favor of relying on the recruitment agency.

Over time, staffing firms and the companies they serve build a substantial amount of mutual trust, leading to lasting relationships. When you work with an agency, you can benefit from these connections, giving you access to more opportunities than you may find on your own.


Staffing firms also have the ability to function as your advocate, especially when they know you’d be a perfect candidate for a particular company that doesn’t currently have an opening. Since they have strong relationships with area employers, hiring managers are more likely to field their calls when they want to pitch a job seeker, even if the business isn’t officially looking to bring on a new team member. This means you could gain access to a completely unadvertised job or having a position created solely to ensure they can bring you onboard.

Overall, recruitment agencies have a lot to offer job seekers, so neglecting their services could mean you are missing out on a variety of opportunities. If you’re ready to start working with a staffing firm, the team at Bayside Solutions wants to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can benefit you.