5 Qualities That Make Great Candidates Stand Out Over the Competition


Even with unemployment being incredibly low, that doesn’t mean you won’t face stiff competition, especially for highly coveted job openings. That means you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of hiring managers.

While this may sound challenging on the surface, there are particular traits that are guaranteed to make a positive impression. With that in mind, here are five qualities that help great candidates stand out from the pack.


  1. Professional Agility

With technology always changing at a rapid pace, and its growing importance throughout the business world, demonstrating that you can keep up with the changes that will inevitably come can help show your potential as a candidate.

Top talent will be able to adapt to changes and are open to acquiring new skills or refining their current ones as a means of staying relevant. So, make it clear to hiring managers that you possess this level of agility and you can increase your odds of being offered the position.


  1. Leadership and Communication

Often, leadership and communication work hand-in-hand, as being able to effectively share your ideas and work as part of a team is crucial in any environment. Providing examples that show you have these skills can make you a highly desirable candidate, especially if there is a need for a leader in the group.


  1. Passion and Enthusiasm

Hiring managers are often more intrigued by job seekers who show a genuine level of excitement about an opportunity. It indicates you’ll likely be motivated to excel and that you’ll have a positive attitude along the way.

Additionally, passion isn’t something that can be taught, so showing you possess this trait is a smart move. Learn about the role and the organization, then use that to fuel your enthusiasm about what securing the job could mean for both you and the company.


  1. Cultural Fit

Employers are putting greater emphasis on cultural fit than ever before, especially since it can directly affect how well a worker performs. Often, hiring managers want to make sure that your goals and values align with the organization, increasing the odds that you’ll fit in if you’re hired.

To demonstrate you are a cultural fit, you’ll need to research the company’s mission and core values in advance. Additionally, you’ll want to find out about the environment itself, so you can understand the feel of their culture.

Once you have the information, you can relate it to your motivations and preferences, making it easier to answer interview questions designed to assess your cultural fit more effectively.


  1. Long-Term Vision

Hiring managers aren’t interested in candidates that don’t plan to stay for the long haul, so showing them that the role fits into your long-term plan and that you intend to focus on making lasting contributions is beneficial. This can include anything from acquiring new skills or certifications that would fill a skill gap in the business or expressing how the opportunity aligns with your career goals beyond the short-term.

By demonstrating to hiring managers that you possess the qualities above, you’ll be more likely to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a new position, the team at Bayside Solutions can connect you with some of today’s leading employers. Contact us today to learn about available jobs and how our services can work for you.