Should Your Company Pay for Your Employees’ Certifications?


With unemployment among IT professionals remaining low, the competition for skilled tech workers is as fierce as it has ever been. This is leading many companies to look into new options to help recruit and retain top talent, including paying for employee’s IT certifications.

While it is clear why workers would enjoy this benefit, as having any educational costs covered by an employer is incredibly helpful for their careers, some companies have trouble seeing the value they gain by offering to foot the bill. However, choosing to pay for your employees’ certifications is an incredibly intelligent most as long as you handle it wisely. Here’s what you have to gain by offering this to your workers.


Reduced Skill Gaps

It’s widely recognized that there aren’t enough IT professionals in certain in-demand areas to go around. This leaves businesses battling against skill gaps in their teams, which can be detrimental to larger goals.

Deciding to offer employees the opportunity to obtain certifications on the company’s dollar gives you an excellent opportunity to reduce skill gaps throughout your IT department. You can support the training of your top workers in key areas, giving you access to new skills designed to create more well-rounded teams. This allows you to craft an ideal workforce based on your current needs, especially when you select your most capable employees who are the most likely to bring back a high-level of understanding once the training is complete.


Creating a Win-Win Scenario

When it comes to retaining top talent, many companies go the traditional route and offer workers raises as incentives for staying. While securing a higher salary can have a positive impact, employers don’t always see a benefit besides keeping the employee on staff. However, by choosing to pay for certifications, you can craft a win-win scenario that provides everyone with more value.

Typically, IT professionals understand how powerful certifications can be for their career, as they can help them move forward to their larger work-oriented goals. But companies also get an additional benefit, as they now have access to the person’s increased skill level. Additionally, the organization is showing that they care about the employee’s career, which can increase loyalty and boost retention. And, in many cases, paying for certifications isn’t any more expensive than the raise you may have been prepared to offer.


Boost Morale

As mentioned above, workers see a company that is willing to help them move forward in their career as a positive in their lives. Not only are they saved from the out of pocket expense, but it also shows the business has a specific interest in their progress.

Feeling supported by your employer can make workers happier, improving retention and increasing productivity along the way. Further, employees who feel satisfied at work are less likely to seek out new positions and may even refer other members of their network when your company has a vacancy.

Determining how to approach paying for employee certifications does require substantial planning, especially if you intend to use it as a method of closing skill gaps. But, there is a lot to gain from the effort, making it an option that is worth exploring.

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