How to Build Your Confidence to Increase Your Odds of Getting a Job


Some people are naturally confident individuals, navigating stressful situations, like landing a new job, with an impressive sense of ease. However, they are rarely in the majority. For the rest of us, it may seem like that effortless confidence is simply out of reach, but that isn’t the case. With a little effort, even those who weren’t born with that level of self-assuredness can reach new heights, making it easier to conquer the challenges ahead.

So, if you aren’t naturally confident, it’s important to realize that you can teach yourself to be. Confidence can be just like any other skill and, by putting in work today, you can improve. To help you build your confidence so you can increase your odds of getting a job, here are a few tips to get you started.


Practice Self-Acceptance

One of the most critical steps for improving your confidence is to accept yourself as you are, flaws and all. At no point is anyone perfect, but trying to disguise your perceived shortcomings can actually make you more self-conscious and may reinforce your insecurities, even if no one else can see the issue on which you’re fixating.

Instead of holding onto negative thoughts, embrace your idiosyncrasies. They are part of a unique individual who likely has a lot to offer. So, consider your life a journey and your foibles part of what sets you apart from everyone else. By learning to be comfortable with yourself, it is easier to come across as a more confident you.


Do Things That Make You Uncomfortable

When you exist inside a tried-and-true routine, you aren’t likely to encounter many situations that can help you practice being more confident. Typically, it’s new experiences that are going to help you grow, so that means you’re going to need to step outside of your comfort zone.

By facing new challenges and seeing them through to the end, you can increase your confidence if your abilities. So, don’t be afraid to give something new a try or to take on something challenging, so you can truly explore what you’re made of. Often, you’ll find yourself building more confidence with every step, making the momentary discomfort entirely worthwhile.


Be Honest (Tactfully)

Typically, trying to suppress your insecurities isn’t going to help you move past them, so being honest with yourself about what you are thinking can actually help you move forward. Instead of trying to bury the feeling, acknowledge it. Then, work to let it go so you can move forward.

Now, it is important to control how you let these thoughts surface. For example, you don’t want to announce to a hiring manager that you’re anxious about the interview, as this can hurt your chances of getting a job. However, it’s fine to admit how your feeling when you’re alone in your car, or to a friend, family member, or even a trusted recruiter over the phone before the meeting begins.

So, before you have your next big interview, create a plan with a trusted confidante who can help you work through the jitters. You can express how you’re feeling, and they can remind you of all of the reasons you have to be confident in your abilities. Then, you can put your insecurities to rest and head into your interview with your chin up and head held high.

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