Last Minute Interview? No Problem!


Sometimes you won’t get much notice to come in for an interview.  And, if you’re really interested in the position, it is often best to make it work.  But just because you have less than 24 hours to get prepared, that doesn’t mean you can’t do some prep to ensure you make a great impression.  If you’ve scheduled a last-minute interview, here are the tasks you need to focus on.


Handle the Personal Prep

The first thing you need to do when you have limited time to prepare for an interview is get your personal items in order.  This includes selecting an interview outfit and making copies of your resume.  Get these put together the night before, so you can grab everything and head out the door without having to worry if you have all of the items you need.

You also want to get directions to the interview site and review them to make sure they are accurate.  While most people rely on GPS now, directions through an app aren’t guaranteed to be correct.  This makes taking a look at the route in advance important, in case your GPS tries to steer you in the wrong direction.

Make sure you also have a copy of a contact phone number with you in case you get lost along the way.


Do Some Basic Research

We all know that research is your friend when it comes to interviews.  Even if you didn’t get much notice, take the time to cover certain basics about the company.  Jump online and review their mission and get an overview of the organization’s products or services.  See if there is any recent news about the business and try to find certain key numbers like the previous year’s profits and the number of current employees.

You also want to go through the job description or vacancy announcement again to make sure you understand the critical details about the position you are hoping to land.


Prepare Some Answers

Most interview questions are fairly standard, so get online to find the most common ones and practice answering them.  In most cases, you want to be able to tell a story to demonstrate your competency and experience.  Think about past workplace events and see if any of them relate well to the questions you may be asked.

Whenever the opportunity arises, try to quantify your answers.  Numbers can speak louder than words, so don’t be afraid to squeeze in some metrics when discussing previous accomplishments.



While heading to an interview on short-notice can induce some nerves, it is important to try and relax.  Remember, the hiring manager is aware that you had less than 24 hours to prepare, so they’ll likely be a bit forgiving of small missteps.  Just breathe deep, think through your answer, and speak calmly and assertively.  Aim to keep your answers concise, but thorough.  And make sure you leave for your interview with plenty of time to deal with unexpected issues like traffic jams or getting turned around on your way there.

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