How to Keep Your Chin up After You’ve Been Rejected From a Job


There is a strong link between your employment status and your emotional well-being. When you’re happily and lucratively employed, it’s easy to adopt an optimistic attitude. When you’re out of work, it’s just as easy for depression and anxiety to set in. And these feelings are only amplified after you’re rejected from a promising job opportunity. Follow these tips to keep your chin up in the wake of disappointment:

  • Consider the Full Picture

There are lots of reasons you might not have gotten the job, and many have nothing to do with your capabilities or character. Instead of blaming yourself completely, acknowledge that there may have been factors in play that were entirely out of your control.

  • Be Realistic

Being rejected might prove to be a blessing. Some job opportunities are perfect, but many more are less than perfect. Rather than concluding that your dream job has slipped away, think about what working that job would have been like day after day. In reality, the cons may have outweighed the pros.

  • Give Yourself Credit

If you were shocked to be rejected, then maybe it’s the company’s loss they didn’t hire you. Recruiting is not a science, and bad hiring decisions are extremely common. Letting you slip away and possibly go to work for the competition could be a decision the shortsighted employer comes to regret.

  • Ask for Answers

It’s not inappropriate to follow up with an employer after they pass over you for a position. Express your gratitude, reiterate your interest in a similar position, and inquire why you didn’t get the job. Not every company will reply, but some will with constructive feedback. In the best cases, your tenacity could lead to a job offer down the road.

  • Avoid Pettiness

It’s easy to be irrational and emotional following a rejection. Instead of lashing out against the employer on social media, to friends and family, or in an angry voice mail or email, stay positive and gracious. It doesn’t do you any good to burn bridges or stew in resentment.

  • Look Forward

Conducting an effective job search is all about staying active and focusing on the future. Rather than obsessing over the opportunity you missed, spend your energy looking for the next opportunity. It’s energy well spent, and it will help you stay in a more positive frame of mind.

You can actually turn a rejection into an asset if you learn from your mistakes and improve your job search strategy. Maybe you’re applying for the wrong kinds of positions. Maybe your interview performance could be better. Put your finger on the problem, and you’re bound to be more successful in the future. Rely on the career experts at Bayside Solutions to help you grow into the perfect candidate.