Looking for a New Job? Here’s How to Do it Discreetly


Ironically, the best and worst times to look for a job happen at the same time – when you already have a job. The process is a less nerve wracking because you still have a source of income, but you also risk repercussions if your current employer discovers that you’re eager to leave. In order to navigate this delicate process with the discretion that it requires, rely on these strategies:

Keep Your Job Search at Home

It can be tempting to browse job boards and send out resumes during while at work, you’re more apt to attract attention that way. Plus, if you’re spending company time searching rather than working, your performance could drop and limit your appeal to future employers.

Pace Your LinkedIn Updates

You’ll want to overhaul your LinkedIn profile to be more relevant to your search. Resist the urge, however, to make a lot of big updates at once. This is a pretty clear sign you’re trying to make changes professionally and will raise red flags with your boss. Instead, make the changes incrementally over a week or two, and change your settings so that your entire network is not notified about the changes.

Keep Potential Employers Informed

There is nothing wrong with asking potential employers to keep your interest confidential. Any time you send out an email or sit through an interview, be sure to stress this fact. You should also instruct recruiters if there are any companies you would prefer not to work with because of their links to your current employer. The majority of hiring managers understand the situation you’re in and will respect your request for discretion.

Put Your Work First

If you work Monday-Friday 9-5, it can be hard to schedule interviews. Unfortunately, it looks awfully suspicious when you start asking for short amounts of time off on a regular basis. If you do have an interview scheduled, take the whole day off. Better yet, try to schedule the interview for early in the morning or later at night. Most interviewers will respect your commitment to work and be willing to accommodate your schedule.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is too useful a job search tool not to take advantage of. The key is to focus on your professional life generally rather than your job search specifically. Get engaged in conversations and publish your own thought pieces rather than sending out blanket requests for leads or posting updates about your search.

One of the best ways to conduct your job search discreetly is to let a specialized staffing firm handle much of it for you. This approach helps keep your intentions private, and it allows you to conduct a more thorough search while still meeting your obligations at work. If and when you’re ready to make a move, rely on the team at Bayside Solutions.