How to Get Ahead of the Hiring Cycle


Finding top talent for your available positions is generally a matter of timing. If you wait until you have an urgent vacancy you need to fill before you start looking for candidates, you’re already behind. Understandably, you’re not likely to make finding new candidates a main priority when you have projects or other immediate tasks. However, by being proactive and engaging in small but consistent actions to prepare for your inevitable future hiring needs, you can actually get ahead of the hiring cycle instead of playing catch-up:

  • Identify and Assess Traits

Hiring takes a lot longer when you rely on gut feelings or “knowing the right candidates when you see them.” That’s a reactive strategy that already puts you at a disadvantage because you’re waiting to make decisions until you already have candidates in front of you. Instead, determine what traits are necessary for success at your organization as a whole, as well as specific positions. Once you know precisely what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to start getting ahead of the hiring cycle.

  • Plan Out Strategies

To be proactive in hiring, you need to have a set method to make your evaluation, recruitment, and hiring processes as effective and streamlined as possible. For instance, if you or a colleague came across a top prospective candidate, is there a clear strategy in place for them to take action? Plan out options and steps to take, such as referral programs or resume banks, so prospective candidate information isn’t ignored, overlooked, or bogged down in red tape.

  • Maintain an Active Presence

Ideally, you want candidates to be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to work for your company and to jump at the first sign of an available position. Increase the likelihood of this scenario by simply being visible to potential candidates. Sponsor or attend events, publish valuable content, and always be networking with the intent of forming relationships for future hiring. When the time comes to hire, you’ll have a wider audience with which to advertise your openings.

  • Utilize Outside Resources

Get ahead of the hiring cycle by working closely with staffing firms and delegating the initial parts of the hiring process to them. Staffing firms focus on building candidate pools, so you can communicate precisely what you’re looking for in candidates and they can keep you top-of-mind as they work with candidates. When you’re ready to hire, a staffing firm will already have a built-in pool of candidates to recommend to you.

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