Five Hints Your Workers Are Not Ready for a Manufacturing Increase


The last few months have seen incredible growth in manufacturing activity. However, not every manufacturing facility is willing (or able) to jump on the “resurgence bandwagon”.

Here are five signs your manufacturing company isn’t ready for an increase in production, as well as what actions you should take to correct it (courtesy of Industry Week magazine):

1. No floor leader. Opportunities can only be leveraged if you have a team, and all teams need a leader…otherwise, they are just a group of people doing tasks.  In order to embrace any/all opportunities, you need a strong tactical leader who can oversee floor activities.  This means someone who has the people skills to manage a diverse workforce, is agile enough to shift into new roles quickly, can train and educate new/current workers and manage budgets effectively.

2. No best practices.   Documenting best practices may seem silly if work needs to get done.  After all, spending time designing a work structure and a format reduces productivity, right?  Wrong.  Efficiency only comes with repeatable, sustainable processes that can adjust to changing conditions.  If you fail to document those, then during times of transition your operation will flounder.

3. No new technology.  Many factories in the industry use out-dated technology to produce cutting-edge goods. It should not be a long-term solution.  Instead, steadily build an inventory of innovative technologies and train workers to use these new systems. Then, look for tough projects.  There may be a learning curve, but you will be shocked how quickly your company will be able to gain the competitive edge in the industry and stand out.

4. Cloistered executive team.  Too many executives avoid the factory floor with a passion.  Don’t be that executive team.  Production is central to your business…without it, no one will have a job.  So visit the floor – often.  Find out where there might be lapses and then draft action plans to are streamlined and will position you for better outcomes.

5. Bad/no incentives or rewards. A “reward” is not synonymous with compensation.   Compensation is the important because – well- everyone has to live, but research shows that workers at their best when they not only collect a paycheck but when they do something interesting.  Work to meet those needs and frequently acknowledge a job-well-done. Create a review and rewards system so workers have the opportunity to be recognized by the entire company for outstanding work.

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