What Millennials Need from You


Whenever unemployment falls, companies often have to increase their focus on recruiting and retention to survive. And focusing on younger workers means you can get the skills you need today while giving you a chance to craft the leaders you will need tomorrow. But what today’s employees are looking for from their employers doesn’t mirror the desires of previous generations. So, if you want to bring more Millennial staff members in your business, and keep the ones you have on staff, here is what these workers need from you.

Flexible Scheduling and Workplaces

Millennial workers consider flexibility a critical factor when choosing where to work. Being able to adjust their schedules to manage personal tasks is highly desirable, as well as options for telecommuting or using alternate worksites. These younger workers are focused on the idea of work/life balance and prefer employers who embrace their goals to have success in their professional and personal lives.

Companies can support these needs in a variety of ways. Generous leave policies can help give employees the time they need to keep their lives in order while allowing work to be managed outside of a traditional 8 to 5 can have a similar effect. The option to work from home or other remote location can also help support work/life balance. In many cases, adding these options has no negative effects on productivity, and may even lead to boosts in performance, making them an ideal way to attract Millennials while still getting everything handled during the day.

Learning and Growth

Most Millennial workers have goals beyond their current positions, and workplaces that can help them learn and grow will always be favored over those that don’t offer such opportunities. To support this need, consider adding formal and informal training programs in each department. Combining traditional education with on-the-job mentorship options can bring the best of both approaches together. And, as workers learn new skills along the way, they bring more value to the company while also experiencing increase loyalty and job satisfaction.

Career Paths

Any company interested in keeping Millennials on staff need to have clear, defined paths for career progression. Younger workers don’t do well when they think their career may be stalled, and keeping information about how to get promoted or advance in the shadows may harm their perception of their full potential with the business.

To keep Millennials enthusiastic and engaged, make career paths transparent and highly accessible. Let them know precisely what is needed to take the next step and support their desire to keep moving forward. This makes it easier for them to see how what their future with the company looks like and can be extremely motivating as a result.

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