Human Resources Role in Organizational Change


In any business that wants to make change, human resources can play a key role. There are many ways HR can impact organizational change, according to business consultant Brad Power.

It all starts right when a person is hired. When a new person is hired, HR can make the person aware that the organization is going through change and that he or she will be expected to participate with opinions and ideas on how to make things better.

Training is another way that HR can facilitate change, Power says. For example, one organization created its own certification program for employee training. There are different levels of expertise, each labeled by color – green, bronze and silver, with silver being the highest. All executives are encouraged to go to the silver level so that they can help to mentor other employees.

Rotating employees is another way to help change along. In a healthcare organization that is emphasizing care improvement, for example, the goal is to have care improvement leaders at all of their locations.

Employee recognition is also a well-known and effective way not only to develop a strong corporate culture but to enhance change.

Also, as business processes become more efficient as a result of changes, there may no longer be a need for certain jobs. People who lose their jobs this way can be retrained and relocated to other jobs.

Human resources also can help company leaders make change by working to describe and define new job descriptions that arise as a result of the change and describe the kinds of skills that will be needed for these new jobs – and then also work to match the best people to these jobs.

Human resources can also help with change in the key area of training and development, helping to design programs that will be effective in training managers in the new way of doing things.

Creating and continuing change is fundamentally about people and how they work to bring about and adapt to change, Power says. So, obviously, human resources has a fundamental role to play. Depending on its effectiveness, the human resources department can help or hinder change.

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